Get Closer to Your Fans offers artists and performers a new way to connect with fans and reach new audiences. The power of VR allows for intimate engagement and compelling emotional experiences. Our services unlock new revenue opportunities like ticketed VR events, sponsorship opportunities, and the ability to market VR viewers and other merchandise--all with a favorable revenue share.


Ultimate Event Coverage allows fans to experience live events like never before, offering unprecedented access by taking fans backstage, on stage, and in the crowd. The magic of VR puts you in the right place at the right time. We empower you to create relevant experiences with multi-camera VR live streams and curated editorial segments. You choose if content is available to all users or protected behind paid or member areas.


Sponsorship Opportunities creates powerful emotional experiences that audiences remember and share with others. Sponsors leverage these associations to engage with audiences on a deeper level that align with your brand. We offer multiple branding opportunities through placements in our content, transactional platform, branded headsets, and VR social sharing.



Experienced producers can partner with to create successful VR live event content by leveraging our proprietary workflows, VR rendering technology, and VR event ticketing platform. Now producers can apply their production knowhow to the world of VR. Contact us to learn more about production partnerships.


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